Jewelry Finishing Cloth - Suede-like Cloth Removes Fingerprints From All Gemstones, Jewelry Metals, Eyeglass And Laptop Screen. Washable - Do Not Use Starch - No Chemicals.

    Jewelry Finishing Cloth - Suede-like cloth removes fingerprints from all gemstones, jewelry metals, eyeglass and laptop screen. Washable - do not use starch - no chemicals.
    Non-treated, no chemical, washable swede jewelry cloth for removing fingerprints, body salts and body oils from gemstones, eyeglass lense, laptop screen and precious metals.

    When this micro-fiber cloth fails to shine up your jewelry then it is time to use a Gemcare natural jewelry cleaning product. Washable but do not use a fabric softener.

    This is not a tarnish remover. Tarnish remover cloths are very toxic. They are sold at jewelry stores along with their ammonia (toxic) jewelry cleaners.


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