Polywatch Plastic Lens Scratch Remover

    Polywatch Plastic Lens Scratch Remover

    Plastic watch crystals scratch very
    easily with the result that they soon
    look unattractive.

    Replacement of the crystal is not
    normally possible, especially where
    watches have plastic cases.


    Watch owners the world over suffer from
    this sort of problem, but now polyWatch,
    a new type of special-purpose polishing paste,
    offers them an extraordinarily simple solution.

    For the first time, consumers can remove
    scratches rapidly and cheaply from their
    plastic watch crystal by carrying out an
    easy-to-follow "do-it-yourself" procedure.

    Apply polyWatch to the watch crystal.

    Polish the scratched areas for 2-3 minutes
    with great pressure at a right angle to the
    scratches, using a piece of cotton wool.

    Deep scratches need to be treated more
    than once. Finally, remove any remaining
    polyWatch with a cloth.

    The tube contents of 5 ml is sufficient
    for approximately 10 uses.

    The plastic glass is very slightly dissolved
    and ground down by tiny abrasive particles.
    The edges of the scratch marks are then
    smoothed off and the cracks filled in with
    some of the original plastic from the watch crystal.


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