Optima 420 Professional Ultrasonic Watch And Jewelry Cleaner

    Optima 420 Professional Ultrasonic Watch and Jewelry Cleaner
    The Optima 420 Ultrasonic Jewelry, Eye Glass, and CD/DVD Cleaner is an affordable, fast, chemical-free way to clean many things from jewelry to dentures. With this ultrasonic machine you can use ordinary tap water instead of the harsh chemicals that professionals use. The tank holds up to 1.4 liters of any liquid, and is most widely used on jewelry, CD/DVD's, dentures, glasses, shaver heads, etc. The cleaning takes place when you turn on the 42,000 hz energy that is provided by this compact machines. The machine also features an automatic minute shut-off with 5 different programmed working cycles, so you never have to worry about forgetting the machine on. It can be used in a professional setting or at home. It also makes for an affordable and useful gift. Perfect for any hobbyist!


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